Author: Hanna Cevik

9 February 2024

Access Marex liquidity in base metals

Neon Metals is supported by Marex’s dedicated electronic market making team. We provide access to Marex base metals liquidity, the ability to adjust top day 3M trading and request for quote (RFQ) trading across the curve in a single application. NEW FEATURE: Base Metals Curve liquidity from Cash up to 12 months forward as a […]

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11 December 2023

All-new Neon Dashboard now live

Dashboard has been redesigned to provide a valuable set of features, including personalised content and quick links. As the first screen you land on when you log into Neon, the redesign aims to make it as easy as possible to complete your most frequent tasks. New features Your apps – Quickly launch the apps you currently […]

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31 October 2023

Neon Trader now includes CFTC charts

Neon Trader now offers easy-to-read charts for Commitment of Traders data from the CFTC. This innovative new feature eliminates the need to manually extract weekly data, saving you time and effort. To access this feature, add a symbol by either searching for ‘CFTC’ or searching under exchanges for ‘CFTC Commitment of Traders’. Login to Neon […]

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25 August 2023

New feature launch: in-app general requests

We are excited to launch new functionality in the Neon Support Center this week. The General Requests feature allows users to chat in-app with the Neon Concierge team to resolve a range of common requests, across all Neon applications. Replacing an email address, the General Requests feature is faster, smoother and easier to keep track […]

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2 June 2023

Compliance Carbon Emission Derivatives – new Premium Channel now live

The latest new Premium Channel to launch in Neon Insights covers Compliance Carbon Emission Cap and Trade programs in Europe and the US. The channel focuses on the derivatives market that compliments the Cap and Trade program, providing what we believe to be a unique insight into the market. Channel author, Mei Mei Gaetz has […]

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31 May 2023

New Pricing Structure

We’ve adapted the pricing structure of the Neon platform based on user feedback, to allow you to choose the service levels that are most meaningful for each Neon user in your business. All Marex clearing clients now have full access to all features in Neon Portfolio, free of charge. Pricing is no longer bundled into […]

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3 April 2023

New Cash Equities Premium Channel

The Cash Equities Premium Channel is available exclusively through Neon Insights, providing our powerful snapshot commentary and necessary market colours before the bell on both sides of the Atlantic. Every morning and afternoon, subscribers will receive reports specific to European and US markets written by Alexis Bert and Sarah Tartour from Marex Cash Equities desk. […]

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28 October 2021

Neon Trader relaunched as a web-based service

Relaunched this month, Neon Trader is now a fully web-browser based service. Providing Marex clients access to all leading global exchanges, Trader includes comprehensive pre-trade risk controls combined with trading, charting and an algorithmic execution suite to give a complete trading experience. We’re proud to partner with CQG to provide the trading service, combining their superlative tools with unique […]

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