North America Weather


Marex’s Weather and Fundamental Analysis team provide daily weather reports, applicable to both energy markets and the continents key agricultural regions. Our reports deliver market-relevant weather information through synoptic scale forecasts up to 21-days, as well as commentary on the latest reanalysis data.

Our North America Premium Channel focusses on the lower-48 states with content covering both key energy demand centres as well as specific growing regions, and provides discussions on rainfall, temperature, and wind conditions.


Evangeline Cookson
Emma Sanig
Yuting Du

Premium Includes

The 'North America Weather' Premium Channel features forecasting and reanalysis applicable for agricultural and energy markets across the US. Content includes synoptic scale analysis of geopotential height anomalies, temperature, and rainfall.


  • 21-day geopotential height anomaly analysis
  • 10-day temperature anomaly forecast
  • 10-day Texas rainfall forecast

Add-on: Weekly 30min voice note with detailed model run presented by the author

Add-on: Market signal delivered via FTP

A free trial is available

Markets covered

  • Corn
  • Soybean
  • Grains
  • US Gas (Henry Hub)
  • US Power (PJM)