Digital products built for how you work.

Marex is an essential, global liquidity hub. We offer unrivalled coverage across Market Making, Commercial Hedging (both on-exchange and OTC), Price Discovery, and Data and Advisory services. Our depth of services, diversified client base, platform scalability and leading proprietary technology, data and analytics offerings provide a unique service proposition.

Neon, built by Marex

As the industry adapts to new demands in the market and new ways of working, Marex has taken the lead in developing digital tools and services to provide our clients with unique tools.

Our technology team brings together decades of experience in financial services with the drive to produce solutions that recognise the needs of our clients before all else.

We are proud that our digital tools rely on the insight and expertise of our analysts and researchers to produce services that can be customised from your desk to meet your needs. From market data to near real-time risk analysis, Marex’s digital tools work wherever you do to form part of the formidable edge that we provide to our clients.

A truly global organisation

Headquartered in London, Marex’s extensive international network of offices cover Europe, Asia and North America markets. Electronic and voice brokerage services facilitate all types of trading strategies, backed by decades of experience. Marex emphasises intellectual knowledge and insight, alongside access to extensive data sets and powerful analytical tools.

In addition to its core operations, Marex’s scale and expertise in commodity derivatives as well as physical products has enabled it to respond to client demand and offer brokerage services for financial futures & options and foreign exchange.

Clients include commodity producers and consumers, brokers, trading houses, professional traders, asset managers, banks, commodity trading advisors and hedge funds.