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Marex’s comprehensive electronic execution platform.

Neon Trader is Marex’s next-generation browser-based electronic trading platform, providing access to all leading global exchanges exclusively for Marex clients. As part of the Neon suite, Trader provides a complete view of your Marex accounts from insights to statements.

Designed to be used as a suite of applications, each with a specific purpose in your workflow, each app adds value in its own right, and they work together to form a unique offering that puts you in control, from market information to performance analysis.

More info on Neon pricing

All prices are per user per month and exclude execution fees, exchange market data and admin fees

Market data monthly fees can be found here and are subject to a $5 admin fee

Contact us for access to APIs and algorithmic execution

Pricing for immediate access to Premium Insights is based on your subscriptions

Use Neon Trader with Marex’s Algos Suite.

Marex’s algos suite is built in partnership with RCM-X, a respected algorithm developer with decades of experience.

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Trader User Guide

Covering each feature, our guide answers the most common questions about how to use Trader.

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