Neon Updates

16 March 2023

Marex relaunches Weather & Fundamental Analysis team with new Premium Channels

Six new Premium Channels have been launched on Neon Insights this week, covering weather and fundamental analysis across energy, oil and agricultural commodities markets. Marex has a long history of award-winning forecasting, commentary and analysis of weather and systematic fundamental analysis models. The team are all experts in meteorology and data science, with years of […]

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24 February 2023

Neon Trader collaborates with RCM-X to provide new algo offering

As Neon Trader continues to expand its offering, we are pleased to work in collaboration with RCM-X to offer a new, powerful suite of execution algorithms, offering participation and opportunistic execution algorithms across major global markets (includes CME/ICE/Eurex/LME). Extending its current capabilities, Neon Trader now provides: Implementation Shortfall for minimising slippage relative to the Arrival […]

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18 November 2022

Neon Metals now offers access to CME Metals Markets

Neon is continuing to expand its product offering through its recently announced strategic partnership with the CME. Marex clients can now access the CME group’s base metal markets starting first with execution services for their monthly global Aluminium and Copper futures contracts directly on Neon Metals. Furthermore, market commentary around the CME Groups products by […]

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1 November 2022

Neon Trader offers a new bespoke user experience

In line with the continuous effort to improve user experience, Neon Trader has received an update to its look and feel, now allowing users to create their own completely bespoke experience.

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29 September 2022

Neon Metals Improvements

You will have noticed some changes to our Neon Metals product, we have redesigned the pricing page to allow for request for quotes (RFQ) in the renamed Liquidity tab.

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8 August 2022

Neon Insights launch Premium Channels

Neon Insights, launched in September 2020, is receiving a major design overhaul to represent the changing needs of our clients and contributors. From 8th August 2022, Neon Insights will launch a channel subscription model representing the best of contributor content across the Marex asset classes. Premium Channels provide a dedicated space for our expert contributors […]

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27 June 2022

Neon Portfolio Account Change In-App

As part of our ongoing commitment to product development, you can now request position transfers between your accounts within Neon Portfolio.

Developed as a direct response to customer feedback, Portfolio users can now submit requests to change accounts on historic trades in the Portfolio positions screen.

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17 June 2022

Trade Outright and Spread liquidity across the six base metals in any size electronically on Neon Metals

Marex continues to make enhancements to Neon Metals from both a technology and trading perspective. Neon Metals now has a fully integrated RFQ (request for quote) feature in the streaming base metals window. Combining the convenience of point and click trading on live prices with the ability to RFQ for a bespoke tonnage all in […]

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