Access Marex liquidity in base metals

9 February 2024
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Neon Metals is supported by Marex’s dedicated electronic market making team. We provide access to Marex base metals liquidity, the ability to adjust top day 3M trading and request for quote (RFQ) trading across the curve in a single application.

  • NEW FEATURE: Base Metals Curve liquidity from Cash up to 12 months forward as a live streaming executable price for 100 lots in all metals.
  • Advanced RFQ Widget. Obtain quotes for flat price and spreads up to 250 lots effortlessly, including 3rd Wednesday and daily prompt pricing.
  • Browser-based and mobile compatible, giving you a view of the metals markets wherever you are.

Learn more about Neon Metals

Neon Metals is exclusively for Marex clients. Contact the team to begin your on-boarding journey.