Insights User Guide

Neon Insights provides access to market data, commentary articles, reports and analysis for Marex Group’s clients, viewable on any device. Some articles are free to view, and others are ‘Premium’, which requires a paid subscription.

As a reader, you can subscribe to categories, and separately decide if you want to receive email notifications about the publication of new articles in those categories.

When you sign up to Neon, you get access to the ‘Basic Package’, which allows you to read all non-Premium Insights articles. Premium articles require a billing account, which grants you access to specific Premium categories. Premium content is billed separately from the Neon package charge.

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Get started

Neon Insights is accessible to anyone who signs up via the website registration page. Once registered, you must verify your details to activate your account.

Creating a Neon account

To access the Neon platform, sign up or log in at

Neon By Marex Spectron

To sign up, provide an email address and password, as well as confirming agreement to the Marex Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Its recommended that Marex clients use the same email address to which their existing client account is registered, in order to easily connect the right services. If you need to update this email address, this should be done first with your Marex Account Executive, outside of the Neon platform.

The account is verified by clicking the link in the email sent to the email address provided after sign up. On completion of this verification check, the account becomes active. Sign in using the email and password you created at registration, and you will be directed to the Neon dashboard, which provides access to all Neon products.

On first sign in, you are prompted to set up the topics you are most interested in, from a choice of:

  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Financials
  • Metals

… as well as completing registration by providing your full name, company, and phone number. Once set, your interests (which are separate from Insights subscriptions) can be controlled in profile settings.

Logging in to an existing Neon account

If you already use Neon TraderEnergyPortfolioMetals, or Crude, you can simply log in to Neon as usual and your account will automatically be connected to Insights.

Neon Portfolio, a product by Marex Spectron

The Neon dashboard

After log in, you will be directed to the Neon Dashboard. From here, you can launch each Neon app. Insights is listed at the top left.

App Neon Markets Dashboard

Navigating Insights

For You

As an Insights reader, when you log in, you will land on the ‘For You’ page. This is a customised landing page, populated with latest articles in the categories you have subscribed to.

If you have not yet subscribed to any categories, you will be presented with articles based on the topic(s) you selected on the Interests section of the sign up process. You will be requested to refine your Interests into category subscriptions to make sure you see the most pertinent articles.

Insights- refine your subscriptions

If you have not registered any interests, you will be prompted to start making selections:

Insights - create subscriptions

Underneath the Interests panel, the latest articles published across the whole platform are displayed.

Browse articles

To browse all articles across Insights, use the Browse tab. It is designed to assist you in finding new content or expanding your existing subscriptions.

Browsing is broken down into categories, trending articles, tags and desks. Finally, you can choose to browse by the month of publication – ‘archive’.

On each category landing page, you can subscribe/unsubscribe. At the moment, it is only possible to subscribe to categories, not desks, authors or tags.

Subscribing to categories

Insights is designed to be customised. Your customisation options are separated into ‘subscriptions’ and ’email notifications’.

Subscriptions refer to the categories of articles you wish to follow, which populates the ‘For You’ page.

Email notifications are controlled separately, and allow you to choose which subscriptions trigger an email alert to your inbox each time a new article is published. This is designed to assist you in receiving the most useful information and avoids cluttering your inbox if you prefer not to receive an email alert for every article published.

As above, on each category landing page, you can subscribe/unsubscribe. At the moment, it is only possible to subscribe to categories, not desks or tags.

When you subscribe to a new category, email notifications are automatically ‘on’. You can manage which subscriptions trigger email notifications from your profile. You can also manage all your subscriptions there.

Reading articles

Each piece of content on Insights is called an article. It may be a one off piece, a regularly published report, or a set of data and charts with commentary. Each article will display a set of information that allows you to find more articles under that information – for example, by the same author, from the same desk or about the same topic.

Insights - reading an article

Across the top of the article are a set of sharing options –  you can print, share to a social network, email, tweet, add to Facebook or LinkedIn. Except print, all of these options will produce a link that requires the recipient to sign up to Neon to view the article. If the article is free to view, they will also be able to view it.

Each link that appears in bold green type or as a blue button is a way of seeing more articles with the same categorisation – for example, under the headline, you can choose to browse more articles in this topic or by this desk.

Along the right hand side of the page, you can

  • choose to read on your mobile device
  • contact the contributors by phone
  • see more articles by this desk or contributor(s) with this tag(s)
  • read the top 5 most recently published articles (across the whole platform)
  • visit the landing pages for each subcategory (based on the top level category of the current article)
  • view the archive by month (this is unfiltered)

On the right, you may also see Promotional Content relevant to this article.

Premium content

Any article can be marked as Premium by the creator. To view, you must contact the relevant desk and set up your billing for Premium access. Currently, this requires you to complete Marex client on-boarding.

Articles can be marked as Premium for a set period – 3 days, 1 week or 1 month. After the expiry date, the article is free to view. This is designed to help you decide the most useful and relevant Premium subscriptions for your needs.

Email notifications

Once you are subscribed to a category or subcategory, you can choose if you wish to receive an instant email alert when a new article is published. Email notifications are managed separately from subscriptions. You can toggle on or off each subcategory subscription to limit or tailor the number of emails you receive from the system.

Access the email notifications settings from the settings menu within the profile icon at the top right of the screen.

Neon Insights - manage your email notifications

Promotional content

Promotional content allows contributors to publish an ‘advert’ for an event or service. It may be displayed within the article or along the right hand side panel. The promotional content will be relevant to the article it is displayed on.

Click the button or image within the promotional content to view more detail.