Portfolio User Guide

Portfolio is designed and built by the in-house technology team at Marex and is part of the Neon suite of applications. Its primary function is to provide searchable and filterable access to account statements and transaction records for Marex Group’s clearing clients, on any device.

Get started

Neon Portfolio is accessible to clearing clients of Marex North America (MNA) who are currently users of the Passport service.

Logging in using existing Passport credentials

Neon Login

As an existing user of Passport, visit app.neon.markets and enter your Passport log in credentials.

The Neon dashboard

Marex Neon Dashboard

After log in, you will be directed to the Neon Dashboard. From here, you can launch each Neon app. Portfolio is listed at the top right.

Register with Portfolio

In order to access Portfolio, you may be requested to complete a registration screen. In addition to providing your full name, company and phone number you will be asked to confirm agreement to the Marex Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. After clicking submit, you will be able to use all Portfolio features.

Navigating Portfolio

Advanced Filters

Neon Portfolio Filters

By default, Portfolio will display the data for all accounts, if you have less than 50 accounts. If you have over 50 accounts, you need to choose which data you want to view. For users with over 50 accounts, by default no data is displayed.

Advanced Filters (controlled at the top right of the screen) persist across tabs during a session. They reset to default on session time-out or when you log out.

Use the Advanced Filters to refine by firm, office code, salesperson, and account name or number. It is also possible to use these Advanced Filters to refine the view by reporting symbol, delivery period and trade type. Filters can be combined.

Viewing multiple accounts

Neon Portfolio Delivery Reports

By default, if you have less than 50 accounts, Portfolio will aggregate and display data across all accounts on all screens. To refine this view, use the account selector or Advanced Filters to select accounts.

If you have more than 50 accounts, choose accounts using the Advanced Filters or tab-based account selector before any data is displayed. Alternatively, use Advanced Filters to see accounts across a specific firm, office code, salesperson, or account name.

Viewing and selecting columns

neon portfolio column selector

By default, Portfolio will display key columns on each chart. You can change which columns you are viewing by clicking on the hamburger menu on any of the column headers and checking or unchecking your preferred columns.

These view settings are not saved. To return to the default view, refresh the browser window.

Date selector

By default, Portfolio will show you today’s data, marked as “(T)”. You can adapt this using the dropdown at the top right of the screen. These filters persist across tabs until you log out or the session times out.

Report Archive

Report Archive stores daily and monthly statements. By default, if you have less than 50 accounts, you will see statements from all accounts, grouped by date. This can be refined by selecting individual accounts, or using the advanced filters.

Daily Statements

Portfolio Daily Statements

To view a PDF version of each statement and download it from the browser, click the download icon on each statement tile.

Daily Statement History

To view daily statements from previous months, use the month selector under ‘Daily Statements’.

Monthly Statements

Portfolio Monthly Statements

Monthly statements are generated on the 1st of the next month. They can be viewed or downloaded in the same way as daily statements.



Portfolio Trades

The top day trades screen is a record of what has been bought and sold today across all accounts, sorted by product. Use the column selectors to show or hide various data, or the Advanced Filters to refine your view.

Change the date selector to view historical trades.


Portfolio Transactions

By default, you see today’s transactions including ledger postings and vouchers postings, broken down by product. Use the date selector to see historical transactions and the columns selector to show or hide various data columns. The Advanced Filters can be combined with other refinements.


Portfolio Prelim

By default, this screen lists all preliminary transactions, broken down by account. Use the date selector to see historical data, and the Advanced Filters and column selectors to refine your view.


The Positions section of Portfolio includes top-day and historical positions as well as delivery reports. As with all screens in Portfolio, by default you will see data across all accounts if you have under 50 accounts. The account selector and Advanced Filters will refine the view.

Current Positions

Neon Portfolio Positions

The default screen shows current positions (for less than 50 accounts). Each product is broken down by account – viewed expanding the arrow on the left hand side of the first column.

Viewing Historical Positions

Neon Portfolio Historical Positions

By default, you will see top-day positions when the Positions screen first loads. To see historical positions, use the selector in the toolbar.

Delivery Reports

Neon Portfolio Deliveries

Delivery reports are ordered by Expiration Date and listed by account. Refine the view with Advanced Filters and selectors.


Balances includes an aggregation of balances across accounts in balance inquiry, the ability to filter by currency, and to view cash movement and account performance.

Balance Inquiry

Neon Portfolio Balance Inquiry

By default, balance inquiry will show a summary of balances across all accounts, if less than 50. To see balances broken down by account, use the Advanced Filters.

View by currency

Portfolio Currency

Choose to refine the view by currency on the right hand side. This setting only applies to this tab.

Cash Movement

By default, cash movement will show a summary of balances across all accounts, if less than 50. To see transaction level broken down by account, expand each account using the arrow at the start of the left-most column and/ or use the advanced filters.

Account Performance

Neon Portfolio Account Performance

By default, account performance will show balances across all accounts, if less than 50. To filter the view, use the advanced filters or filter by date, amount, volume or use the selector ‘Breakdown by Account’, which is only available in this tab.