Neon Trader relaunched as a web-based service

28 October 2021
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Relaunched this month, Neon Trader is now a fully web-browser based service. Providing Marex clients access to all leading global exchanges, Trader includes comprehensive pre-trade risk controls combined with trading, charting and an algorithmic execution suite to give a complete trading experience. We’re proud to partner with CQG to provide the trading service, combining their superlative tools with unique integrations to produce an exclusive offer for Marex clients.

If you’re looking to enhance your trading with data-powered algorithms, Trader can integrate with a full suite of algos designed and built in partnership between our proprietary Nanolytics engine and market-leaders RCM-X.

Trader has been a key part of Marex’s digital offering to its clients for many years. Originally a software application, revamped Trader is now fully web-based. Accessible from any major web browser, the service is resilient, reliable and stable, providing a critical element to the electronic Trader’s arsenal and helping to make Marex an essential liquidity partner.

Contact the Neon Sales team.