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Connect the dots between ETFs and the futures markets with key commodity index and ETF data commentary from Ryan Fitzmaurice.


Ryan Fitzmaurice

Channel author Ryan has spent his 18-year career in commodities markets, in both the buy-side and sell-side of the industry. Leveraging his experience in energy markets and his knowledge of commodity index products, he offers unique market perspectives and actionable insights.

Ryan is regularly asked for comment by Bloomberg, WSJ, and Barrons amongst other financial media outlets. He is recognized as a highly ranked energy price forecaster by Bloomberg.

About the channel

The once dormant commodity index space has seen a sharp uptick in activity since 2020, with investors seeking out commodity exposure as an inflation hedge and for portfolio diversification benefits. There are now significant sums of capital rotating in and out of index products daily, impacting the price of many key commodities beyond traditional supply and demand dynamics.

In addition, many investors and traders now gain access to commodity index products, sector exposure, or single commodity exposure through ETFs. In fact, there are currently hundreds of commodity ETFs trading on stock exchanges around the globe. Broad-based index funds, precious metals, and the energy sector all have well developed ETF products with a wide array of funds to choose from. Trading activity has been picking up in Base Metals and Agricultural markets too, with strong growth expected in the coming months and years.

This channel aims to connect the dots between ETFs and the futures markets by providing key commodity index and ETF data and knowledge.

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This channel includes

Weekly Publications

  • ETF Money Flows: aggregated money flow data for global commodity ETFs
  • Market Positioning Analysis
  • TAS volume report

Monthly Publications

  • The Roll Report: monthly roll estimates for the BCOM, GSCI, and DB Optimal Yield Index
  • Commodity Index and ETF performance recap
  • Ad hoc analysis regarding industry trends and developments
Annual Publications

  • Annual rebalance estimates for the most influential commodity indices

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