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The Marex Metals desk provides subscribers with award-winning market insights and intelligence on the wide range of flows that impact base, ferrous and precious metals.

Our deep client base provides the team with exceptional insight, whilst retaining client integrity of the core of our business model. The desk is one of the most active participants on the LME, with strong and growing presence in related products. This synergy provides us with a unique understanding of the outlook.

Our quantitative approach to analysis has over 10 years track record in base metals, where our market commentary now considered the benchmark of the industry. Our growth in the precious and ferrous space continues as we provide our wide client base with exceptional coverage and insight.


Alastair Munro
Yuting Du
Christina Tserektsidi
Toby Joyce
Justin Froome
George Sewell
Kaiyu Gui

About Marex Metals

Marex Metals is the world’s leading LME broker. As a CAT1 LME Ring Dealing Member, we are responsible for more transactions on the LME than any other member. On precious, we are members of the LBMA and LPPM.

We provide 24 hour global coverage with desks in London, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore with an experienced team also covering warrant financing, monthly averaging, options and precious metals.

Our client base covers banks, CTAs, discretionary funds, real money, hedge funds and proprietary trading firms as well as consumers, trade hedgers and other merchants.

Topics covered

  • Base Metals
  • Precious Metals
  • Ferrous Metals
  • Individual metal trends
  • Money flows from discretionary and CTA types
  • Market positioning
  • Tech commentary
  • Premium Channel subscribers receive:

    • LME Morning Thoughts
    • LME Options Premium Reports
    • LME Weekly Update
    • CME Aluminium Report
    • Weekly Precious Report
    • Daily Iron Ore Update
    • Marex Asia Metals Summary

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