Support for synthetic order types including icebergs added to Neon Crude

29 March 2021
Single Update Image

Crude is the dedicated Neon app for trading US and Canadian Crude Oil. This month, we have rolled out an upgrade that includes support for icebergs within the app, enabling Marex clients to create and manage this synthetic order type simply and quickly.

Users simply check the ‘iceberg’ option within the order screen to activate extra options to manage your iceberg order. This upgrade is available to all users immediately, without requiring you to contact your Marex rep. If you are not seeing the option on screen, please log out and log back in, which should reset your cache and allow you to see the new options.

Learn more about Neon Crude.

If you’re not currently a Marex client and you would like to begin the on-boarding process, please get in touch with Marex’s Crude desk.